Our natural health clinics aim at working with genuine holistic therapists who are able to select from a variety of techniques that are tailored to the individual.  Part of this process depends on the type of illness expressed and the state of the patients immunity which also determines the time it may take to make the person well again.

Homeopathy is more than 200 years old with an extensive history of treating illness.  It was developed into a system of medicine based on the ancient concept of ‘like cures like’ by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, and continues to evolve to suit the current times and changing health issues although our centre endeavours to maintain old traditional ways too. Our medicines are formulated to stimulate and support the body’s own healing ability.

Homeopathic medicines are not tested on animals.


“Josephene has tirelessly volunteered her time, skills and knowledge to improving the health and well being of women through our outreach work in the MacArthur region. Feedback from the women has been ~ outstanding, nurturing in nature and measured in her approach,  she is an absolute asset to our team at the Well Being Centre”

~Anne Dixon Community Programs    The Benevolent Society

“My experience with your clinic was very positive you were spot on and the medication you gave me showed results very quickly.   You made me see things about myself that I never saw before. I would recommend you to anyone”

~Mona Chami

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